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At BGM Chocolates, our paramount objective is to orchestrate an unrivaled experiential journey for you. In pursuit of this goal, our team comprises seasoned fungiculturists who fastidiously select the globe’s finest and most sought-after fungi to compose our premium psilocybin blends. Our commitment to uncompromising quality is epitomized by the cultivation of our strains in-house at our cutting-edge facility. Each product is crafted with meticulous attention to the highest safety standards, ensuring a consistently accurate dosage with every use.

BGM Chocolates stands as the vanguard of reliability and safety within the mushroom community, boasting an unparalleled level of expertise dedicated to disseminating the positive effects of psilocybin. Our delectable chocolates serve as conduits for the ancient psychedelics that have been employed in rituals and ceremonies for millennia, now conveniently transported to the comfort of your living space. Whether indulging in a casual microdose or embarking on a transformative megadose journey, BGM Chocolates provides the quintessential touch of magic to enhance the tapestry of your everyday life.


Nurtured within the sun-kissed landscapes of Medford, Oregon, our enchanting fungi flourish in a state-of-the-art facility. Amidst the unique weather tapestry of Oregon, where gentle rains and crisp air harmonize, we meticulously supervise every stage of our products, from spore inception to final sale. In this dynamic climate, unlike our counterparts, we possess an intimate understanding of the specific magic mushrooms present in our offerings, allowing us to ensure not only precise and consistent dosages but also an authentic reflection of the natural elements that imbue our creations.


We are committed to meticulously calibrating each of our products with the utmost precision, utilizing the finest quality mushrooms available. Your only task is to unwind and immerse yourself in the enchantment that unfolds.

Our skilled mycologists are experts in choosing the perfect magic mushrooms for their qualities, effects, and potencies. They test each individual harvest to determine the finest formula for our proprietary blends.

Not all mushrooms are created equal and vary in potency and effects, which is why it is important that we test each harvest.

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Magic mushrooms have been used for millennia for their enchanting properties, inducing transformative experiences and potential therapeutic benefits. Use them with respect and care, seeking guidance when needed for a source of personal insight and profound experiences.

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